Vacation Rentals

"We have 15 five-star reviews, lots of comments on how clean it is, thank you!  Don't know what we'd do without you." -Stephanie, vacation rental owner

Your short term rental such as Airbnb or VRBO needs a professional team to lead your property to success.  Call us for your free consultation!



Prices as low as $100 per clean!  Rate increases considering max occupancy, size of the home, washer/dryer on site, garbage removal, and add on options such as bulk soaps, etc. 

Travel Fee:

Are you off the beaten path?  We are happy to discuss your individual situation during your consultation.


Short term rentals require credit card on file, and are charged twice per month.

Turn Around Time:

Please allow at least 5 hours for us to turn your rental.  You must notify Kingdom Cleaning of any last-minute bookings.

Hot tub/Sauna:

We are willing to clean these areas with specific and detailed instructions, and with a supply of all anything needed to maintain them.  Please remember to supply additional towels..

Wood burning stoves:

We are happy to remove ashes and partially burnt wood as needed, but please have guests maintain wood supply.

             Our locally made soaps are a nice touch

             Our locally made soaps are a nice touch